Re: xntpd

Jeffrey Odom (
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 13:09:00 -0500 (EST)

> Does anybody have xntpd running on Linux/AXP? I've compiled it, but I get
> a pile of "Previous time adjustment incomplete" messages in my log when
> it's running.

I have xntpd running on my group of 5 UDBs. The way I have them setup, one
of them gets its time from a couple of stratum 2 hosts (and one stratum
3), and the rest get their time from that machine (and are peers with each

Sometimes, when I reboot one of them, I get a whole bunch of those
messages when xntpd first starts up (on the order of about 0.00012s or
so). But then it calms down and only spits out an error once in a great
while, if ever. Remember, xntpd doesn't get the time from another machine
and set it exactly to that time - it tends to "hover" around a time for a
while, making periodic changes forwards and backwards in time.

Once you get the time stablized, you might want to write the time back to
the ARC (with a clock -wA). The only reason being that if you do have to
reboot the machine, linux will forget all the time changes you make and
re-read the time from what the ARC says.


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