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Stephen J. Gaudet (
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 09:49:07 -0500 (EST)


>>> I talked to the company that sold me my UDB today(Asking when it would
>>> come). They tell me that they have a special bracket that will allow me
>>> to install an internal 3.5 inch Hard Drive rather than a 2.5 inch one.
>>> The catch is that I will have to forefit the PCI slot to the space the
>>> larger drive will take up. My Question is does anybody see any drawbacks
>>> to doing that, or something I would definately need to install in the PCI
>>> slot(ie a monitor card if it didn't come with a built in monitor port, or
>>> something like that that I'm overlooking.)
> Replacing the small and slow 2.5-inch drive is one of the best
>>things you can do for a UDB.
>>model of riser card that is installed, the cable for the external SCSI port
>>may not be installed, so if you want to be able to hang external drives onto
>>the UDB, ensure that it's still connected and working.
>Doubly Agreed. Otherwise, just how _WOULD_ you install a CDROM drive to
>install Red Hat from?
>>> Would it be a SCSI-II Fast or Wide HD that I would need, I don't know
>>> what the difference is between the two.
>>SCSI-II Fast, *not* Wide, as the builtin controller is not capable of Wide.
>I disagree Jay. If he can get an Ultra or Wide (or both) drive it will still
>work, will just need a cable adapter. Wide drives are downwardly compatible
>with narrow, and Ultra is also downwardly compatible. At the price they are
>getting to now, there is little sense in buying older technology. The drive
>just _might_ outlive the UDB for him...

My 2 cents, on the Adaptec 2940UWs, 3940UW we've seen that you can install a
small paddle card to go from SCSI Wide to SCSI narrow as Maurice suggests.
This would also work coming out of the back external port on the card.
However, depending on how you made such a connection it may defeat the
purpose of going Wide in the first place. You would have to do something
like this:

UDB Wide---->Wide Disk--->reduction to SCSI-2---->CD-Rom or SCSI-2 device

Anyone want the source for the paddle cards?


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