Re: v3.2 XF86_TGA

Markus Dickebohm (
07 Nov 1996 13:33:54 +0100

>> "jestabro" == jestabro <> writes:

Jay> Sigh; I was getting real tired of that problem as well,
Jay> so... :-) :-)
Jay> Find on
Jay> pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/X11/XF86_TGA-3.1.2-bugfix-EV4.gz
Jay> pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/X11/XF86_TGA-3.1.2-bugfix-EV5.gz
Jay> Good luck, let me know of any problems.

Unfortunately I can't say that these X servers (actually I tried the
EV4 version) really solve the "netscape" problem.

I still have crashes on some particular Web pages.
Maybe you can reproduce it with this overseas site:


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