RE: RHS 4.0 INIT problem

Castelijn, Maurice (
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 10:19:42 +0100

>From: Maurice Hilarius[]
>Sent: donderdag 7 november 1996 7:17
>Subject: Re: RHS 4.0 INIT problem
>At 11:57 AM 11-06-96 -0500, you wrote:
>>Thanks, Maurice,
>You're welcome

Hey that was ME :-)

>>Using autoboot, when loading the kernel, it says try to locate an
>>non-exist memory. and stop there. Should I also add mount
>>root=/dev/HARDDISK rw too?
>Sure sounds like it! although the rw is superfluous...
>I think the fact that / is not on the first partition is getting you in
>trouble. It finds the kernel, but not root.

So it still has problems, after setting the /etc/fstab in the right way?
Perhaps you should reconsider compiling a new kernel, so that you can
hopefully start without problems then? It happened to me, after
installing a new kernel it worked (well... I'm now still waiting for RH
4.0 to arrive, b/c I still had a few problems... but ok).

Also, show me what your partition table looks like, so that I at least
have an idea what we're talking about...

Ok, duty calls... good luck.


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