Re: Unidentified subject!

Bernd Robl (
Thu, 7 Nov 96 06:50 MET

Sorry for the trouble our information caused.
We will not send further informations about ASPEN or ARCHTEC products to the
axp-list in the future.
But we will set up an own list on ( where
interested alpha users can share their experiences and get valuable
technical information and support on our products.
I will then inform you of the presence of the list when its available and
maybe two or three guys might subscribe ... ... or four?
Bye for now!


>Randy Perry <> wrote:
>> Well Mr Gaudet is upon his Flame horse again and as I have told him these
>> battles over OVERCLOCKING and undermining others on the lists arent polite.
>Hey, I'm probably more to blame for the overclocking flame war than Steve
>was. While Steve and I still disagree on that particular issue, he
>actually did provide some useful information to back up his claims. And I
>have to agree with "D. Steven Daniel" <> that Steve has
>provided valuable technical information to this list on multiple occasions.
>While I haven't purchased anything from DCG, I would not hesitate to do so
>in the future. Whereas I actively avoid companies that post advertising in
>inappropriate forums.
>IMHO, unsolicited advertising on the list is not a good idea. If people want
>a mailing list for Alpha system advertisements, I'll be happy to create one
>on my system. Somehow I doubt that very many people will subscribe.
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