Re: eb164 redhat 4.0 (3.0.3 as well) oopses, instability
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 22:17:54 +0500

>>> Rolf Karlstad said:
> occaisionally, the SRM console refuses to initialize, it keeps showing the
> video BIOS screen, going black, then repeating. If I power down and unplug
> the keyboard, the SRM will boot to the serial console just fine. As if by
> magic, this problem can clear up for days, then manifest iteself again.

This really sounds like a hardware problem which has existed since the
start and is now growing worse.

> kernel: unaligned trap at fffffc0000316904: 4421fc01444038b2 29 1

The destination/source address (4421fc01444038b2) looks like it got
trashed somehow, not quite a kernel address, and not quite a user one.

> a) redhat Linux is awful on an Alpha

Any chance you might be able to try RH 4.0, or at least a later kernel?
EB164 support was still a bit unstable around the 3.0.3 (kernel 1.3.90)

> b) this eb164 has some hardware problems.

This sounds very possible. Flakiness of the sort you describe is often
related to some kind of memory problem: bad cache, bad SIMM, out of date
SROM (the socketed, non-FLASH-able, ROM which does most of the
memory-related hardware setup). Also, you might want to try a new SRM
console firmware install, if possible, but with the machine in its current
state, this is a dangerous undertaking, as a crash during the update can
leave the machine nearly unusable. See if you could get your vendor's
field service to have a look.


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