Re: v3.2 XF86_TGA
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 18:05:27 -0500

>>> David Mosberger-Tang said:
> Yipeee, the fixed TGA server appears to work _much_ better! I clicked
> around on all those nasty sites (,, etc) and not
> a single crash so far. Also, I just noticed that ical no longer has
> that extra-wide border. I guess that might just be due to another bug
> fix in 3.2, but it's nice to see that that problem is gone, too.

That's the stock XFree86 3.2 TGA (ELF) server plus some *very* small patches
to 3 files. There's also a Mach64 server there with the same patches, as
that server would fail in the same way. Find them at


I believe the 3.2 TGA server no longer needs the "MemBase" option in the
XF86Config file, but will still accept it if present. And it should run on
*all* Alpha platforms, EV4 and EV5 CPU alike.

> Do you expect that it will be some time before the fixed binary-only
> TGA server becomes available? I'm asking since there is a guy here at
> the u that has an eb164 with a TGA and he really needs netscape etc.
> I'm sure he could make do with the fixed 3.2, but if it's just a
> matter of a few days, he might prefer to stick with the binary-only
> release for now.

Sigh; I was getting real tired of that problem as well, so... :-) :-)

Find on


These are the same as the servers on the RedHat 4.0 CD (ELF), with the
addition of those same bugfixes mentioned above. PLEASE choose the correct
version for the CPU in the platform you are on!!! Again, run the EV5 version
if its on one of the following machines (or a machine with an EV5/EV56


All others should be using the EV4 version. Consult your system
documentation if running on a 3rd party Alpha platform like ASPEN
or CARRERA, for the type of CPU in your box.

Good luck, let me know of any problems.

These will show up on gatekeeper in the next 12-24 hours, I believe.


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