Re: UDB video modes

Andrew J. Hutton (
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 16:40:17 +0500

> > it leaves things in a 640x480 in 80Hz, this even overdrives the MX17 that's
> > on it. This is using EV5 of the ELF TGA server. Shouldn't it put it back
> > into the original mode? This doesn't seem to be a problem on my Sony on
> > the box in the next room.
> Um, you're running that EV5 server on a box that *has* an EV5 CPU, right?
> If its a:
> UDB/Cabrio/Noname/Mikasa/Avanti/EB66*/EB64*/XL-{233,266}
> AS{200,205,250,255,400}/P2K

I was using the wrong one, but even with the new one it is exiting in what my monitor indicates is 640x480 in 84Hz. It does not like this.

Linux 2.0.18 #1 Wed Sep 11 09:11:54 EDT 1996 alpha

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