Re: netscape problems

Nils Faerber (
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 18:41:46 +0100 (MET)


> I think I used the 1102 version, no patches, and it ran. A little slow,
> with no backgrounds (I assume it's not implemented yet) but it ran.
And it has, at least as far as I tried it, no <FORM>! That's really
annoying. Or did I miss something?
On my hunt for free web browsers I also found chimera. The latest version
also runs nearly bug-free and has <FORM> support and looks much nicer than
those early alpha releases of the new Mosaic.

> It would probably run faster w/o the debugging in it....
You can switch all debugging options in the debug window and then it is
indeed faster :)

> -Scott

Nils Faerber (Linux Nils)        eMail:
Student of computer science
Unix user group, University of Siegen, Germany

Siegen ... the arctic rain forest!


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