Re: UDB video modes

Andrew J. Hutton (
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 11:30:44 +0500

> Rather than (or in addition to) a TGAtextmode utility, how about putting the
> required code into the TGA console driver? The nice part about this would
> be that MILO could easily make use of this as well, which is good if you
> happen to have one of those cheap fixed-frequency monitors.

One strangeness I'm having that I hope is correctable is that when X quits it
leaves things in a 640x480 in 80Hz, this even overdrives the MX17 that's on
it. This is using EV5 of the ELF TGA server. Shouldn't it put it back into
the original mode? This doesn't seem to be a problem on my Sony on the box in
the next room.

Linux 2.0.18 #1 Wed Sep 11 09:11:54 EDT 1996 alpha

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