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Maurice Hilarius (
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 09:17:11 -0700

At 08:31 AM 11-06-96 -0500, you wrote:
>{shit deleted}

At least most of us don't curse online like this...

>Is Aspen turning this group into their personal advertisment newsgroup?
>This makes the 3rd such post. The only time we hear from Randy Perry
><> or Bernd Robl <> is when they
>want to advertise. Ever see them contribute anything? NO.

We (Hard Data) are an Aspen reseller. We try to contribute. Aspen tends to
refer Linux issues to us lately.


Cheers to you too, Steve.
I think that announcing that Alphas can be had now for much less _IS_
helping the community. How often have we seen the "if only I could afford a
_real_ Alpha instead of a UDB" question? Lots, by my count. Also, if the
Alpha/Linux community is to grow and flourish, we need a bigger community.
See Erik at Red Hat's complaint that they are doing this project for
essentially no profit.
Where else do you suggest we contact the Linux Alpha community to avail them
of this opportunity?
I vaguely remember the *dozens* of messages over who has the cheapest UDB's..

Frankly, Steve, you appear to be suffering from a slight dose of "sour grapes"
Remember your "we will beat any advertised price on Alpha" line from a
couple of weeks ago?

Anyway. I promise to try avoid posting on this particular topic again. News
is only news the first time. After that it may be spam.

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