Re: running OSF programs?

Jim Paradis (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 20:54:27 -0500 (EST)

> Assuming I have a Digital Unix site license, which files do I need to be
> able to run OSF-native programs such as Netscape? I know I need
> /sbin/loader, libc.a, and libm.a, but these files conflict with the Linux
> libs. What replacements must be made?

First a mega-disclaimer: I do not know *anything* about the legality of
what you propose; I do not know if your site license allows you to run
Digital UNIX libraries on a different operating system. Therefore, the
following answers are given for informational purposes ONLY. I am not
advocating the use of Digital UNIX libraries on Linux systems, and the
following information makes NO representations as to said legality.

That said: first of all, /sbin/loader does not conflict with Linux;
there is no /sbin/loader under Linux. Second, the files that are
needed by dynamically-loaded executables are the ".so" files in
/usr/shlib, not the ".a" files.

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