Re: ECC memory? Linux support? Syslog?

Eric Smith (
6 Nov 1996 08:11:56 -0000

Bill Broadley <> writes:
> I believe my UDB has ECC memory.
> I believe linux detects when an correction happens.
> I've never seen anything in syslog (I.e. grep ECC /var/log/*). Has
> anyone? I'd love to see what it looked like...

Yes, I got some correctable errors. I reseated the SIMMs and they went away.
On 21066-based machines (like the UDB and Noname), the message is generated
by the function lca_machine_check() in the source file
arch/alpha/kernel/lca.c, and will say "correctable ECC error" or
"non-correctable ECC error". Other machine checks can happen as well, but
the only other one I've actually seen is "access to non-existent memory".


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