partitioning woes on UDB

Ben Goodwin (
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 01:41:32 -0500 (EST)

OK, I have a UDB that's the standard 24 meg, 340 meg scsi setup .. Now,
I'm not new to Linux/Alpha at all, esp. on UDB's .. and even that 340.
BUT, anyway.. this machine DID have dec unix 3.2g installed on it, AKA it
had a disklabel on it. Now, for the life of me, I can't get fdisk to
properly partition the drive. I can get RH 4.0 on it just fine and dandy
using minlabel (the "b" for bsdlabel (or was it "e") on fdisk from RH 4.0
had weird numbering problems, so I used minlabel. Anyway, that doesn't
allow me to have the ARC console recognize a dos boot partition with
linload and milo. Fdisk doesn't report errors, ever.
I have 11 heads, 62 sectors and 1008 cylinders set up (had to force that
using expert mode) - it's what I'm using on another 340 hard drive that
works beautifully.. I think there's confusion between the disklabel and
the fdisk. Upon an install, RH 4.0's utility will see the partition
marked as swap from the bsd/minlabel, EVEN if I'd just fdisked the thing.
It also will report partitions in the part. check that don't exist. (3
partitions, often sees the 1-3, and 4, sometimes #7) .. I've beat on it
until my hands were raw, and I just can't get it to work.
Is there a way to roast ALL the data, including the boot sector, of this
drive so I can start fresh with it? a dd wouldn't necesarily do it unless
I can be sure that the head of the disk is at the VERY beginning of the
drive (which I don't know I can guarantee).. perhaps doing the minlabel
will put the head there, and then a dd will proceed to erradicate it?
<hmm> Anyway. any help/info would be quite useful :) Thanks!

: Benjamin C. Goodwin - :

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