Re: SCSI termination on UDB?

Brian Walters (
Tue, 5 Nov 96 21:35:02 -0500

>Someone pointed out that perhaps it's the fact that I'm ASSUMING that
>the internal SCSI bus is terminated properly on the UDB. I'm certain
>that the external end is terminated properly. I have this SCSI chain:
>NCR Host Adaptor -> ID 7
>8X External CD-ROM -> ID 6
>1GB Internal Hard Drive -> ID 0 (where I boot from)
>I'm I making a lousy assumption? How would I go about terminating the
>interal SCSI bus?
my $0.02
my UDB 166 doesn't have a true internal and external scsi bus like
the ncr810 cards. My internal HD is looped through to the external
connector on the back. In this case I don't believe it to be possible to
"terminate the internal scsi bus". Of course be careful that the internal
HD doesn't have the terminator. i found it to be very helpful to use a
active terminator too, once I plugged one in ALL my cd rom problems went
just my $0.02

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