Re: MAJOR trouble with 32 MB SIMMs in UDB

Eric Smith (
5 Nov 1996 20:35:36 -0000

"Joshua M. Thompson" <> wrote about problems using 32 MB
SIMMs in a UDB:

> Problem: originally, we'd get lots of correctable memory errors. Replacing
> SIMMs and motherboards did not cure the problem. The errors would only
> start popping up once inn was started, or when something else
> memory-intense started running (such as a drive check after a crash).
> Moving SIMMs around did not help. Tried reseating, rearranging, even going
> down to 80 MB (2 x 32 plus 2 x 8).

I'm running two UDBs (VX42 233MHz) with 88 MB each: 2 x 24 MB (factory)
and 2 x 32 MB. They work fine. I haven't tried using 4 x 32 MB.

One of my machines is running RH 2.1 with a 1.3.90 kernel; the other is
running RH 4.0 with 2.0.18.

> Also tried artificially forcing Linux
> down to less memory than was actually installed using a "mem=64M" command
> line option. Same result.

With RH 3.0.3 and 1.3.90 I had a problem with the 88 MB setup getting
non-existent memory errors, so I told Milo the memory size was 87 MB.
However, I discovered that I had an old version of Linload (1.2). Once
I upgraded to Linlaod 1.3 I had different problems, which went away when
I told Milo to use all 88 MB.

I never tried using a "mem=" command line option; I adjusted the memory using
the Milo MEMSIZE variable.


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