Re: Xfree 3.2 on UDB?
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 09:54:37 -0500

>>> Mihaly HOMONNAI said:
> > Scott> Is anyone using the TGA X server from Xfree? There's an ELF
> > Scott> binary on, but I'm a little warry to try it
> > Scott> :)
> >
> >I gave it a two-minute try. But it seems to be quite slow compared to
> >the binary-only TGA server.
> Yes, it is slow, as Jay mentioned earlier, because DEC removed the special
> DEC's proprietary high speed routines from the sources.

Not totally accurate; we gave a *lot* of code to XFree86, most of which was
*not* used in the latest TGA server, due to time constraints. What is used
by the server is mainly the dumb framebuffer code (cfb) which works fine but
is not nearly as fast as special coding (see some of the accelerated servers
code for examples).

I'm hoping that the code we (DEC) made available will be utilized in the near
future, but don't know the current XFree86 priorites regarding such effort.


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