Re: MAJOR trouble with 32 MB SIMMs in UDB

Lee Burnside (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 08:24:15 -0600 (CST)

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Joshua M. Thompson wrote:

> motherboards replaced and nothing changed. The end conclusion is that I
> simply can't use ANY 32 MB SIMMs in this darn thing.

We've had great luck using 32MB SIMMS in our UDB's. Admittedly, an error
in addressing (when crossing over the 64MB boundary) pops up after a warm
boot, but a cold boot clears this right up.

> The SRM console and ARC firmware see the memory just fine and never
> complain. I'm not an Alpha guru (especially not at the hardware
> level), but this makes me suspect that perhaps something in the PAL code
> and/or kernel is messing up the memory controller somehow.

You might make sure the SIMMS have no more than 24 chips on them; I don't
know about the UDB's but I've seen many boxen that won't map anything
with > 24 chips.

> I'm also curious if this problem is the same problem that prevents me from
> running INN as an ELF binary (it gets a single unaligned access trap and
> just dies with other errors on the screen or in the logs). I've been
> running it as ECOFF for all this time, but if I have to recompile it for
> any reason it's going to end up ELF now, and that worries me.

I tried running INN under RH 4.0 as ELF last night; no problems that I
could see. Unfortunately, I didn't have much of a news spool set up, so
I'm not sure how memory intensive the feed was; the memory load seemed
fairly light.

I didn't notice in your posting if you were sure the 8x36 SIMMS were
"true" parity. Logic parity SIMMS will cause most (if not all) AXP's to

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