Re: ifconfig and route problems continue

Bernd (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 11:40:14 +1100 (EST)

>I have discovered another interesting tidbit regarding my installation
>problems. I run a small local network of five machines. One of them
>is a trusty 486/100 that has been in the family for decades. It runs
>GNU/Linux...and the local nameserver. Because I like to e-mail people
>outside of this little network, the name server references a cache of
>Interic nameservers. However, this cache in available only while I am
>linked to the net via ppp. This connectivity coincides with the Alpha
>booting properly. Aha.

Similar problem here --- when I installed RedHat on my ALPHAs, they asked
for nameserver and gateway. Well, the only machine that might do it was
the Pentium, so I gave its address for both. I am pretty sure that in
reality it does _not_ run a nameserver, and will most likely not gateway
things, either (not that there would be much point to it, anyway --- the
IP addresses of my internal network are just that, internal).

A few weeks ago, the horror struck --- I rebooted the ALPHA, and it
hung after "init: entering runlevel 3". And it hung hard, it would
not time out or anything. PANIC!
Well, after a while I switched the Pentium back on (to look at a few
floppies), and voila, the ALPHA booted. *phew*
OK, so I thought "all right, it is looking for some name and is trying
to ask its nameserver. Should time out, but hey, what the heck". I
removed the "nameserver = x.y.z.a" line from my /etc/resolv.conf, and
the effect did _not_ go away. Huh?

The only places where the Pentium is still mentioned is
a) in the hosts file
b) in the fstab file (I NFS-mount a directory from it)
c) as a gateway in /etc/sysconfig/network

Now, I don't understand why any of these keeps the machine from booting....


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