Re: S3 Chip with X

Bernd (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 11:53:18 +1100 (EST)

>absolutely correct. right now I have a version of the ViRGE server
>running on AXP and there are some minor problems left (text fonts may get
>corrupted; and switching to other virtual consoles and back to X11
>still might hang the server; hope to find/fix this RSN).
>for "X-only" operation it looks better (but I didn't run any tests yet).
>hope there will be a new binary within some time (1-2 weeks?)
>but I first have to ask how we handle such fixes for XFree86
>(I'd guess there will be some "patchlevel N" server binaries..)

Hi Harald,

this seems as good a point as any to ask --- are there any plans to make
the ET4000W32 server work on the ALPHA? I tried compiling it, but found
that there is a good reason it wasn't included in the set of servers to
compile... (there is a number of assembler files which are certainly
not ALPHA code ;-). Well, at that point, I am a bit lost, as I don't
speak 386 assembler and thus can't figure out what that code does. It
doesn't seem to be all that much, though, so maybe, possibly...... ?



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