Ctrl-A's in Header

Sean Chisham (schisham@chisham.com)
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 23:51:07 -0500 (U)

I have this problem with Ctrl-A's in the headers off all amil
being sent out by Pine on my new install of Redhat 4.0 on a UDB Noname. I
am running all the updated rpm's for 4.0.
I am unsure if the Ctrl-A's are the cause of my problem, but here
are the symptoms.

sendmail processes spurred from Pine after an ispell spell check go

Pine sometimes gets "stuck" when sending mail. The mail usually goes
through, but control is not passed back to pine after being sent. I get
stuck at the "Sending 100%" message in Pine. This may be due to the
zombied sendmail process.

You can see the results in this message also unless the mailing list
utility changes the headers. The poblem appears at the end of the Date:

UDB Noname, 32megs, 2.0.18 with diffs, RH 4.0 all rpm updates

Sean Chisham

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