Re: For Sale: 2 Alpha VX42 UDB-233

David Morton (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 19:34:43 -0800

This is really too harsh on Microsoft. David can't get satisfaction
>from RedHat on account of 2940UW, but he does try to talk to them. On
>the other hand, it looks like there is a silent assumption that there
>is no point in talking to Redmond about the BusLogic :^)
Why do you think I am trying to get Linux to run?

Talking to/about MS is about as fruitful as talking to brick wall.

I needed a machine to run Microstation NOW, therefore, the only choice was
to equip the machine with MS "approved" components. It's a strategy that is
working fairly well for MS and its buddies.

The reason I temporarily quit fooling with Linux and went to NT was because
I could not purchase a copy of a Linux or BSD CD that worked almost out of
the box. Some tweaking and adjusting is OK but I, and many others, need to
have a machine that will run without being a computer science graduate. No
work no pay.

I dislike MS products and philosophy as much as the next logical person but
right now I a cannot beg, borrow or pay-for a version of Linux that will run
on my Alpha machine.

FX!32 is nice but does not run at 70%, at least with my programs. To me,
this all means MS and Intel will continue to call the shots until people
like me can buy a CD, play it on our Alphas and have an operating system up
and running within a reasonable time frame, that also has useful programs
available to it, Andrews looked good but again it's not ported to the Alpha!!!

This is not meant as condemnation of the Linux/Alpha efforts, it is truly
amazing that such a diverse group of people can work together in 'almost'
perfect harmony without all the BS that other international efforts seem to

Personally I have been forced up an almost vertical learning curve but have
enjoyed most of the experience.

I'm not bitching just trying to get the bloudy thing to run.

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