Re: mouse configuration

Huw Davies (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 10:39:39 +1100

At 03:13 PM 11/4/96 -0800, Marc Singer wrote:

>I, too, have been unable to get the mouse to work. I'm trying to get
>it working in console mode. The dmesg report shows that it is finding
>the PS/2 mouse port, but the /proc/interrupts pseudo file does not
>show an interrupt allocation for the device. Needless to say, gpm
>does not find the mouse.

Just a short note to say me too. I even tried different mouse devices in
case my understanding of the hardware was wrong, but clearly there is
something wrong in either the software or (much worse) the mouse port is
dead. I'll confirm the latter tonight by installing WNT on a spare partition.

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