Re: Xfree 3.2 on UDB?
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 16:14:04 -0500

>>> Scott Call said:
> Is anyone using the TGA X server from Xfree? There's an ELF binary on
>, but I'm a little warry to try it :)

I've used it and it works fine, although the "Netscape" bug is still present.
Also, it's not fully accelerated and depends on much of the dumb framebuffer
code (at the moment). But, it should run on either EV4 or EV5 CPU machines.

Watch this space, as I've got patches that *do* fix the "Netscape" bug,
which will be used to build a new TGA server, along with Mach64 and
Millenium servers (which also exhibit that bug).


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