Re: Building MILO on an ELF system

David A Rusling (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 22:33:20 +0000

> OK, I just finished installing RedHat 4.0, installed kernel 2.0.24 (with
> axp-diffs), and built a new kernel for my UDB. So far, so good. Now I want
> to build a new MILO. So I grab milo-2.0.23, apply the elf patch, and try
> to compile it. Got it to build, but when I try to boot with it, the ARC
> firmware gives me something about executing a reserved DEC instruction and
> dumps me into a debugger.
> So, what is the magic spell I need to make this work? :-) MILO has
> defeated me every time I have tried to build it, and it's starting to be a
> real blow to my ego. *grin*

Are you using linload.exe to load the new MILO and are you loading the 'milo' that
is built? Did you build the PALcode also or just take what was in the kit (definitely
the safest). My home box is the UDB and I've done exactly what you describe.


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