Re: Spare parts for UDB's

Eric Smith (
4 Nov 1996 23:15:48 -0000

John Jaszczak <> wrote about difficulty in getting a
replacement for a broken internal SCSI cable for a UDB:

> Well, the guy at the Servicenter tried to order it using the DEC part
> number, but to no avail. I check the mailing list archive and found a
> message maddog had posted stated that the Multivendor Customer Service
> group had bought up the UDB's for spare parts. So now I'm trying to get
> in touch with them.

If the unit was under warranty, Digital is under legal obligation to repair
it, including providing the necessary replacement part. If they don't have
any they'll just have to manufacture some more. It is not your obligation
to track down some other group in Digital to try to negotiate getting the
part. Don't let them screw you around. Threaten legal action if necessary.
Tell them if they can't fix it they will have to replace the entire UDB with
an equivalent system.

The closest equivalents I could find on their web page are the Alpha XL 266,
and the AlphaStation 255, either of which would be a nice upgrade from a
UDB. :-)


(and I'm still not a lawyer)

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