Re: S3 Chip with X
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 16:08:30 -0500

>>> Dreyer said:
> I have Number nine Graphixc cards (Model 332) witch has a S3 Virge Chip
> on Board.
> The Chip has also the letters H1C3BB and 86C325 and 9612 BA0677.1 on his
> body.
> Can anybody tell em witch Xserver to take. In my understanding the Virge
> Chip is a new version of the Trio64+.

The new release of XFree86, ie 3.2, is available; there's a server for the
S3 ViRGE chip included, which has been ported to the Alpha. Last I heard,
however, was that the released server did not work well, so unless the
problems have been fixed and a new binary generated, I'd not count on the
one that's available at (and some mirrors).

Harald, sorry if this is inaccurate...


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