Re: Spare parts for UDB's

Eric Smith (
4 Nov 1996 21:36:58 -0000

John Jaszczak <> wrote:
> The SCSI connector on the back of my UDB is defective. I called
> 1-800-DIGITAL and told them the problem. They said I should be covered by
> the 90-day hardware warranty, but that I'd have to take it to their
> Servicenter to be looked at.

> I brought it in and showed them the problem, and they agreed that it was
> broke and that the int/ext SCSI cable needed to be replaced. Then the
> I'd really like to get this part ordered before the warranty expires on
> Thursday.

If you have a written record of having taken the UDB to the Servicecenter
for that problem before the warranty expired, I don't think they can jerk
you around on the expiration. But then again, I'm not a lawyer (thankfully).

I think the internal SCSI cable assembly (of which the external SCSI
connector is an integral component) has a DEC part number on it. But I
don't have a unit here at the office to inspect.


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