Spare parts for UDB's

John Jaszczak (
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 13:59:33 -0500 (EST)


Does anybody know how to order spare parts for UDB's?

The SCSI connector on the back of my UDB is defective. I called
1-800-DIGITAL and told them the problem. They said I should be covered by
the 90-day hardware warranty, but that I'd have to take it to their
Servicenter to be looked at.

I brought it in and showed them the problem, and they agreed that it was
broke and that the int/ext SCSI cable needed to be replaced. Then the
next day he called me and said he was having trouble locating the part. I
explained that the model had been dicontinued, and that as far as I
understood things, a few had been held back by Digital for spare parts. I
told him I would try and track down someone at Digital who knew about this
and have them call him.

So I called DEC and somehow navigated my way through the phone maze to
someone in Multia post-sales technical support who kindly explained to me
that I needed to call 1-800-DIGITAL and ask for the PRE-sales tech
support. When I did that though, the receptionist told me that Digital no
longer did telephone tech support for the Multia and then reffered me to the
web page:

which is all about Multia software and how it's been superceded by new
functionality in Windows NT 4.0. Not much use to me.

I'd really like to get this part ordered before the warranty expires on
Thursday. So if anyone knows with whom at Digital I need to speak, please
let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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