Re: For Sale: 2 Alpha VX42 UDB-233

Stephen J. Gaudet (
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 11:04:18 -0500 (EST)


>> > So basically Linux won't install on a box with a 2940UW and NT4.0 won't run
>> > using a BusLogic ultra card ( Steve Gaudet and I discussed this during my
>> > purchase )
>> >
>> I don't know much, but how about Blade 0.3?
>Don't even THINK about it! 8-) BLADE 0.3 is ancient history at this point.
>I developed it, and *I* don't even use it anymore...

They only clean way we've done UltraWide systems is using the Adaptec
2940UW. Bill Nihan my tech working with Jay Estabrook has been able to put
together dual boot systems running UltraWide drives. Bill has hand built a
new milo and kernel around 2.0.23 to get it to run.

There has been talk about using the Bus Logic cards, which are good.
However, they don't show up under the ARC console so we don't use them.
Most customers would complain that they can't see the card and it only
causes more problem than its worth.


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