Re: Quake - Howto with RH 4.0 & 233MHz UDB

Vik Bajaj (vbajaj@RES2.RESNET.UPENN.EDU)
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 04:03:05 -0500 (EST)

| This document assumes you have read all related quake and xquake posts in
| the axp-list. Take only what you need to make yours work. The ftp sites
| were good 01 Nov 96.

Yes, I've decided that I must get Quake up and running to demonstrate that
this is a viable platform. I am running a UDB-233, Red Hat 4.0, with
2.0.23 kernel and the 2.0.22 (21?) Milo image from the Digital ftp site.
I've configured quake as per the instructions you provided. Whenever I
run it, the background turns black, X crashes, and then it dumps core.
I was having similar problems with 2.0.18 that came with Colgate, so I
decided to upgrade and have not had any resolution. Any suggestions or
pointers to documentation would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if
there is further configuration information that I must provide.

Thanks in advance.

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