Followup: 2 Alpha VX42 UDB-233s

Michael Brennen (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 22:30:54 -0600 (CST)

Given current market conditions, I've dropped the price on the 2 Alphas
that I offered for sale earlier. I will pay for ground shipping within
the 48 contiguous states. Both machines are new and work well.

One is a stock 24MB machine, 540MB disk; I will deliver it with RH 4.0 on
the internal disk, with the speed boosted to 266MHz. This machine I will
sell for $1000.

The other machine has had 32MB of RAM added, for a total of 56MB; I will
also deliver it with RH 4.0 installed on its internal drive. It is
running at 266MHz. I will also bundle with in a 4 bay SCSI cabinet; this
is a very nice 200 watt dual fan unit. The Alpha and SCSI box I will sell
together for $1500. This is an excellent price for the package.

-- Michael
(972) 783-2553

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