Re: Tulip driver in 2.0.24

Franz Sirl (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 23:48:14 +0100

At 22:55 Uhr +0100 03.11.1996, Brian Topping wrote:
>I posted the original patch, but Linus rejected it because he felt there
>were not enough people using it. The patch I created covers the cases
>on broken BIOS's that return the NIC with the serial rom as the last NIC
>instead of the first NIC.
>I can generate the diff from the results of this patch, but I would
>rather use my complete patch since it will be about the n'th time that I
>have regenerated it due to driver changes over the months.

Does your patch also fix the mentioned detection bug for systems with mixed

>Realistically though, I think whichever patch is used is something that
>is better put in the 2.1 source tree. 2.0.x needs to freeze so we can
>move on, and those of us that need the multiport patch will be able to
>help each other out on supporting the 2.0.x kernels on multiport 21x40

No, no, no! ;-) The main reason I upgraded from 1.2.13 to 2.0.x was the
support for shared IRQ's and thus multiport cards! And now I have to wait
again? Ok, _I_ can use it, but in the last few months I've pointed a quite
a lot of people in the right direction (my patch and/or Donald's site for
new betas) and I don't read those newsgroups regularly.
The patches (at least mine, don't remember yours) are fairly simple and
probably don't break anything, but will help a lot of people with their
At least we should have a FTP-site (Donald's?), where all the patches and
new versions live, that is mentioned in

Now already two people did patches for the same problem, how many more out

Franz Sirl.

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