Re: Tulip driver in 2.0.24

Brian Topping (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 13:55:19 -0800

I posted the original patch, but Linus rejected it because he felt there
were not enough people using it. The patch I created covers the cases
on broken BIOS's that return the NIC with the serial rom as the last NIC
instead of the first NIC.

I can generate the diff from the results of this patch, but I would
rather use my complete patch since it will be about the n'th time that I
have regenerated it due to driver changes over the months.

Realistically though, I think whichever patch is used is something that
is better put in the 2.1 source tree. 2.0.x needs to freeze so we can
move on, and those of us that need the multiport patch will be able to
help each other out on supporting the 2.0.x kernels on multiport 21x40

My two cents...


Franz Sirl wrote:
> This makes tulip.c handle multiport cards (like the Cogent 964) work
> correctly with most BIOSes. I think I've seen a more sophisticated patch
> for this problem already on linux-kernel, but that one also didn't made it
> into the kernel, so I give it another try.
> I think I've also found an important bug in tulip_probe(). It will only
> work correctly if there's only one kind of chips in your system (21040 or
> 21041 or 21140 or ...). This is due a wrong arrangement of the pci_index++
> and cno++ loops. They should be exchanged.
> Can anyone confirm this behaviour?
> Linus, should I prepare a patch for you?
> Ciao,
> Franz Sirl.

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