Update on RH4.0 install for UDB

Marc Singer (elf@netcom.com)
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 13:16:58 -0800 (PST)

After taking a serious beating from RH fans on another list, an
admonished version of myself sat down to scrutinize the problems I've
been having installing RH4.0.

This time, I installed everything because I could. I installed the
relevent updates, too.

I found a few interesting things. FTP instll works, though I had to
hack the anonymous ftp root directory since I store the RH source
elsewhere. I didn't see a way to login as a user for FTP, did I miss
something? This would be a nice addition. For some reason, I now get
history support from bash and tcsh where I could not do so before.
This was probably due to one of the updates. emacs-nox runs, too,
but I did not get a link from emacs->emacs-nox.

Now, for the dirt. I still was hung up when the network started.
ifconfig was hanging while trying to resolve an address which was in
the hosts file. It looks as if ifconfig ignores the host.conf file
because I elminiated the bind option. I discovered that the problem
was a default route to a bogus address being added by the ethernet
configuration. I'd selected the default gateway address of .254 which
is not present on my network. Even when eliminated the name server
address, ifconfig still looked to host to resolve it's

I refrain from making a recommendation.

-- Marc Singer

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