Re: souping up a UDB

Marc Singer (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 13:01:44 -0800 (PST)

> Yup. This squares with my observations. My cable modem is rated at
> about 10Mbit/sec (supposedly the same rate in both directions), and I have
> observed ftp transfer rates up to about 500Kbyte/sec or so (when sending to
> another local machine). There seemed to be a difference between sending and
> receiving data as I was only able to get about 250Kbyte/sec receiving. The
> fact that I am seeing this slight dropoff indicates to me that I am pretty
> close to the maximum throughput of one of the two machines.

I've been under the impression that it isn't likely a CPU bottleneck
problem, but either a protocol latency, a protocol inefficiency (NFS
@1k blocks), or a network latency that causes this loss in throughput.

> The irony is that the connection to the outside world is a T1,
> so I am throttled any time I want to got outside to play, but I
> won't ever complain about getting T1 performance :-). Not for a
> while, anyways.

Isn't DS1 (aka T1) throughput 1.5mbps (x10e6 not 1024^2) or about

-- Marc Singer

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