Installing RH 4.0

Ximenes (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 14:04:39 -0500

I've been trying to install RH 4.0 on a UDB for a few days now, and I'd
appreciate any insights anyone has..

Here's the scoop:

I can successfully install RH 3.0.3 (well, if you don't count the zillions
of ECC errors, but that's another story..). When I try to run the upgrade
script, it harfs b/c of RH 3.0.3's version of RPM (of course, I also can't
install the new RPM because of that too..). So I figured that I'd try for a
re-installation. Using the updated ramdisk on a floppy and using
kernels/noname.gz I managed to get into the installation program. Only
problem is, it harfs in a variety of ways after this. Once or twice it's
overwritten the package installation screen with errors from PAM, a few
times it hasn't been able to find the RPM database on the CD, and the most
popular error is getting through about 10 packages, and suddenly forgetting
that my CD drive exists. (error: can't RPM such and such doesn't exist).

Incidentally, if you're looking for RH 4.0 for less than $100, Cheap*Bytes
is selling the Archives for $18. They really get you on the shipping,
tho..I paid more for it than the CDs ;) (they'd like you to believe that 4
CDs and a little plastic case are 2 lbs :)

Xi -- I'm getting the feeling the UDB isn't the best ex. of DEC engineering

Ximenes Zalteca   ~   DALnet! 7000  ~  Huge .plan! finger
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