Quake - Howto with RH 4.0 & 233MHz UDB

curtis (rtfm@jnb.com)
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 09:07:11 -0700

This document assumes you have read all related quake and xquake posts in
the axp-list. Take only what you need to make yours work. The ftp sites
were good 01 Nov 96.

/root]# tellme
Linux 233MHz-Alpha-UDB 2.0.20 #1 Thur Oct 10 10:27:16 EDT 1996 alpha
Red Hat release 4.0 (Colgate) gcc version 2.7.2
/root]# mkdir /usr/quake
/root]# cd /usr/quake
quake]# ftp linux.ucs.indiana.edu
ftp> bin
ftp> tick
ftp> cd /pub/linux/kernel/testing/
ftp> get alpha-ELF-xquake.gz
ftp> close
ftp> open ftp.hkstar.com
ftp> cd /.1/idstuff/quake/
ftp> get quake101.zip
ftp> close
ftp> open gatekeeper.dec.com
ftp> cd /pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/X11/
ftp> get axpbin-Xtga-BETA-0.2.gz
ftp> close
ftp> quit
quake]# unzip /usr/quake/quake101.zip
quake]# cat QSW101.1 QSW101.2 QSW101.3 QSW101.4 QSW101.5 QSW101.6 QSW101.7 > quakedata.exe
quake]# lha -x quakedata.exe
quake]# gunzip -d /usr/quake/alpha-ELF-xquake.gz
quake]# chmod +x alpha-ELF-xquake
quake]# gunzip -d /usr/quake/axpbin-Xtga-BETA-0.2.gz
quake]# mv /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_TGA /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_TGA.orig
quake]# mv axpbin-Xtga-BETA-0.2 /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_TGA
quake]# /usr/quake/alpha-ELF-xquake
[the above will also work with 'xquake' from the alpha_linux_quake101.tgz distribution]
if you received your UDB with linux/alpha installed, make a floppy with the vmlinux.gz
image on it and set it aside. you might be glad you did.


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