Re: Kernel SCSI options for Multia VX40B-FZ

Matthew X Economou (
03 Nov 1996 11:13:58 -0500


>>>>> "GR" == Gerard Roudier <> writes:

GR> On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, Rick wrote:
>> Also do I set ELF options as this seems to break the compile.

If I remember correctly, ELF support in 1.3.90 wasn't finished and you
had to apply axp-diff to get it to work (RedHat 3.0.3 used the ECOFF
linux-libc, not the ELF glibc?). If you are running an all ECOFF system,
you should be able to compile the kernel without ELF support and all
should be happy. Alternatively, you should be able to find the axp-diff
for 1.3.90 and apply it, and that should give you working ELF support.

>> PS IS "make vmlinuz" the correct command (Im comming from intel
>> where I "make zImage")

GR> For the moment, I am staying with Intel and unfortunately I am
GR> not able to answer accurately to other questions for axp/linux.

"make vmlinuz" didn't work when I first was trying to compile Linux/Alpha
kernels. You can do a "make vmlinux" (which puts the compiled kernel in
the source root directory) or you can do a "make boot" (which puts the
compiled kernel in the source root directory and a compressed kernel in

One other gotcha: If you download a kernel from the net, you'll need to
change the ARCH= line in the toplevel Makefile to "alpha" (from "i386").
If you apply axp-diff (highly recommended), the change will be made for

axp-diffs can be found in

Yes, this should be documented better.

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