Re: Kernel SCSI options for Multia VX40B-FZ

Gerard Roudier (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 16:11:05 +0000 (GMT)


On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, Rick wrote:

> Trying to recompile my Kernel (Readhat 3.0.3 / 1.3.90)
> and need to know which scsi device to use.
> Have setup for Generic NCR 538xx but do i use PORT or MEM option.

The right config option for linux-1.3.90 is "NCR53C7,8XX scsi support"
(Et least for Intel platforms)

> Also do I set ELF options as this seems to break the compile.
> PS
> IS "make vmlinuz" the correct command
> (Im comming from intel where I "make zImage")

For the moment, I am staying with Intel and unfortunately I am not
able to answer accurately to other questions for axp/linux.


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