Re: java on linux/axp

Mike Cruse (
Fri, 01 Nov 1996 14:43:44 -0800

Randy Chapman wrote:
> } I've come to the conclusion that Linux Alpha (and generally unsupported
> } platforms) should insist on getting java ported to it.
> Insist? Sun would laugh at you. I, however, would have this
> tendencacy to pay attention to a computer arriving at my doorstep =)
> However, I've asked before for nothing more than an account on a linux/axp
> system with ELF 64, a fast net connection (so I can work from the labs at
> school) and at least 100-200 megs of disk space for me to work in. Also, I'd
> need the owner of the machine to have a non-commercial source use java license
> (it is perhaps legal for me to copy my license to that system, but most likely
> not).

It's all yours as soon as I get Redhat 4.0 up and running (see previous
post) and you can have a gig o.k. We also have Java licensing. I'll
check for the details but I know that we have a source license to Java
as well as Java OS.

Eager to help...

Mike Cruse.
Conservation Through Innovation.

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