Re: Unsupported Linux/Alpha Software

Mike Cruse (
Fri, 01 Nov 1996 14:36:06 -0800

Jim Nance wrote:
> > Jim, I'm aware of Randy Chapman etc... I wonder if we could pool our money
> > and buy him a DEC Alpha to con him into doing this port. Everyone send
> > Randy Chapman $2 with a note "For an Alpha to port Java to." :)
> > I'm interested in doing the port! Really, I just don't think the Linux/Alpha
> > community would like it if I did. I feel that I don't have the expertise,
> > cleaverness, or general knowledge to get it done before 2010. :(
> We don't have to do all that, we have the internet. If you can find
> someone with an Alpha who would give Randy an account, I will be more
> than happy to send $50 to Linux international earmaked for buying
> a copy of Motif for him. Assuming that both Randy and LI are agreeable
> to this, you only have to find a few more donors.

As soon as I can get Redhat 4.0 running on my Alpha I will be more than
happy to provide an account for Randy. It's a 333mhz eb164 with 128 megs
of ram and a 4 gig fast wide scsi drive. We also have T1 speed to the

I'm having some problems with my NCR scsi controller hanging things but
as soon as I have that resolved I'll be happy to organize things. Just
let me know. I would also consider accounts for other porting efforts.

Mike Cruse
Conservation Through Innovation.

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