Re: Help for old axp? I've tried about EVERYTHING.
Fri, 01 Nov 1996 16:06:40 -0500

>>> "Castelijn, Maurice" said:
> >
> >From what I read on this list, that card is supported by Linux, but is
> >(erroneously?) not included in the precompiled kernel by Red Hat. Thus
> >you need to compile your own kernel[1]! Maybe this hasn't been explicitly
> >stated yet, as most people here tend to assume that one who
> >experiences Linux/AXP has been working with Linux before.
> It should be working, yes... that's what most of the dec-sites and other
> FAQs tell me... but when I look in the 'make config' when I try to
> compile the kernel, I only see support for DE4x5... and that's not the
> one I have.


The DE422 is handled by the DEPCA driver (depca.c).

Even though this is not as ISA card, you must tell "make config" to give
you the ISA network adapters, *not* the EISA, as the DEPCA is only an option
under the ISA config script.

Don't use modules, it'll only confuse the issues... :-(


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