Re: Unsupported Linux/Alpha Software

Mikael Nykvist (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 22:01:50 +0100 (MET)

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Jim Nance wrote:
> > Jim, I'm aware of Randy Chapman etc... I wonder if we could pool our money
> > and buy him a DEC Alpha to con him into doing this port. Everyone send
> > Randy Chapman $2 with a note "For an Alpha to port Java to." :)
> > I'm interested in doing the port! Really, I just don't think the Linux/Alpha
> > community would like it if I did. I feel that I don't have the expertise,
> > cleaverness, or general knowledge to get it done before 2010. :(
> We don't have to do all that, we have the internet. If you can find
> someone with an Alpha who would give Randy an account, I will be more
> than happy to send $50 to Linux international earmaked for buying
> a copy of Motif for him. Assuming that both Randy and LI are agreeable
> to this, you only have to find a few more donors.
> Actually lets try for something even better. This is a long shot because
> I know how highly Jon Hall regards Java :-) If Digital (or anyone else)
> will donate a suitable Alpha to Linux International for the purpose of
> giving accounts to people who want to port software, I will contribute $100
> tword buying a copy of Motif for it. Yes, I know that next to the
> price of an Alpha, $100 is a pitance, but I think having a machine
> available for ports would be a wonderful thing, and it cant hurt to ask.

Actually ~6 months ago Randy actually started porting Java to Linux/Alpha!
(He as an account on my machine) But there was several problems (like no
shared libs, the source was far from 64bit clean, stuff like that), and he
ran out of time. Now there is also a problem with the source-licence for

I have access to a site-license for motif (at the uni where I'm studying),
so I have motif 2.0 compiled as elf64 already and it seems to work ok so
thats not the problem. (Btw Jim, Metrolink wants 299 bux for an ecoff
version of Motif/axp.. 300 bux for a widget set thats real sad if you ask

So, if some1 really wants to port java (I dont think Randy has the time),
or any other interesting application, and want access to alpha machine,
I'm willing to give away accounts for free. The machine has an T3
connection to the net, its overseas though, so the "real" bandwith for
overseas is more like 50k/s, but thats pretty ok for remote work I guess.


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