Re: Unsupported Linux/Alpha Software

Scott Serr (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 13:43:53 -0700 (MST)

>> I've come to the conclusion that Linux Alpha (and generally unsupported
>> platforms) should insist on getting java ported to it.
>Who would you insist to? I agree with you, but the problem is obviously
>that there is no one we can demand this of. I don't think the port would
>be too hard, given that it has already been ported to Linux/x86. If you
>are interested in doing it, take a look around:
>and get in touch with Randy Chapman at He is
>the person who did the port to Linux/x86.

Jim, I'm aware of Randy Chapman etc... I wonder if we could pool our money
and buy him a DEC Alpha to con him into doing this port. Everyone send
Randy Chapman $2 with a note "For an Alpha to port Java to." :)

I'm interested in doing the port! Really, I just don't think the Linux/Alpha
community would like it if I did. I feel that I don't have the expertise,
cleaverness, or general knowledge to get it done before 2010. :(

I shouldn't have used the word "insist." Sorry. Substitute... "Desparately

-Scott Serr

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