Re: Help for old axp? I've tried about EVERYTHING.

Martin Ostermann (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 19:20:29 +0100 (MET)

> It should be working, yes... that's what most of the dec-sites and other
> FAQs tell me... but when I look in the 'make config' when I try to
> compile the kernel, I only see support for DE4x5... and that's not the
> one I have.

Its within the 'other ISA network cards' section. Try 'make xconfig'
to see all options.

> Hmm, but still I don't see why there isn't just ONE option... it all
> makes people so confused having to try all the defaults and other
> options that are available. Like "help" under UNIX: it's either
> <command> --help or <command> -h ... right? And that's become a
> standard.

Actually, its man <command> ;-)

> >
> >The RedHat install needs the "boot" floppy, to copy a kernel from
> >it. It doesn't prompt for it, so insert it immediately after starting
> >the installation script! In case the floppy
> ... in case the floppy... yes?

is missing, it will abort the install, I assume.

> >Ahem, SuperProbe as I know it doesn't scan your complete hardware, but
> >just the graphics adapter! I ported it to the Jensen, but since only
> >S3 card's are supported on the Jensen with Linux yet, I didn't bother
> >to offer a binary, since the XF86_S3.jensen server can probe those on
> >its own.
> *nod* ... That's true.. but how can I detect the rest of my hardware
> then? I hate to say it, but Windows 95 has got a better hardware
> detection system :-p ... No that wasn't serious. But what I'm trying to
> accomplish is a way to find out about all my hardware settings. Not by
> looking in the ECU of the Jensen or looking in the console prompt. No,
> under Linux. In the future it will be a must, I can already tell that.

I usually use a screwdriver ...

> Oh Martin, look at the following error I get after doing the "make boot"
> command:
> [net........
> net/network.a(ipx.o)(.lita+0x80): undefined reference to
> `dev_queue_xmit'
> net/network.a(ipx.o)(.lita+0xd8): undefined reference to `dev_get'

Well, I'd guess some support is missing. I usually use something
like 'find /usr/src/linux -name "*.[chS] | xargs grep <text>'
to find the missing piece.

> When I tried to do a make boot > output, the most important error
> messages (see above) weren't included, but were written to console... so
> couldn't get those in here....

Try 'man bash' to find out how to redirect the stderr stream.
Try 'man syslogd' to find out about how to redirect messages away
from the console.


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