executable translation

Jim Nance (jlnance@avanticorp.com)
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 06:43:35 -0500 (EST)

Hi Jim,
I wrote a nice post yesterday about Freeport Express, FX!32, and
asking questions about simular products for Linux/Alpha. I thought I
sent it to axp-list, but I guess I mailed it somewhere else because
I have not seen it show up. I hope whoever gets it enjoys reading it :-)
In any event, its probably better to ask in private anyway.
I have used Freeport Express, and it is one of the most incredable
things I have ever seen. I know that you used to work on binary
translation, but I don't know if you still do. If you had anything to
do with Freeport Express, give yourself a virtual pat on the back from
me. In any event my questions revolve around binary translators for
Linux. Do you have any feel for how difficult it would be for you to
make a Linux/x86 -> Linux/Alpha binary translator (I know how difficult
it would be for me to do it), and have you ever considered doing so?
I figured that it would have to be easier than something like Freeport
Express because there are no big/little endian issues, and the source
to the kernel is available to you. I also assume that you could use the
guts of FX!32. Was it the Alpha migration tools group that did FX!32?
Anyway, I am interested in your comments.


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