RE: kernel error

Castelijn, Maurice (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 18:02:26 +0100

>From: Michael Champigny[]
>Sent: donderdag 31 oktober 1996 17:16
>Subject: Re: kernel error
>According to Martin Radford:

(et moi)
>> >"Cannot change to /var/spool/at/: Permission denied" <-- CRAP. it's on
>> >-rwx------, should be ok.

>Yes, I get this message too...every time I boot my UDB. I tried
>changing the permissions of the /var/spool/at directory, but that
>didn't help.

I took a look at the permissions of the dir in question and I really
don't see why it can't write there. (or whatever it wants to do). If I
just would know the file the program is searching for, then I'd make a
simple link...
>Sendmail also hangs for a couple of minutes and says something about
>not finding my hostname. Strange, since I'm running in loopback mode
>and have a hostname as an alias for

Hmm, sendmail gives me lots of error messages, and then I come to the
conclusion it didn't even send a thing!!!

Still needs a lot of work...


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